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Events will be offered again as soon as COVID-19 regulations allow social gatherings.


Events (community)

If you are interested in improving the knowledge and the choices, your employee’s, students, clients or customer’s make every day, I offer two types of presentations either structured as a flashlight on a certain topic (usually about 20 Minutes) for instance about: digestion, arthritis, sports nutrition, healthy aging, memory issues, or mental health, or a lunch and learn developed as a deeper dive into healthy nutrition covering most topics listed above (approximately 90 Min).

Please do not hesitate to give me a call to discuss options


As a general manager for 3000 flight attendants, I was deeply involved in developing policies about health management, workplace rules and performance management. I held abundant presentations on topics like service excellence, managing stressful situations on a long-haul flights, intercultural abilities, even about post-traumatic stress, experienced by cabin crews after flight incidents.


If you want to provide your employees with a helpful toolkit to manage their stressful lives, make the right food choices, incorporate exercise, or if you want to dig deeper into mental health issues, policies etc.

Please feel free to contact me to develop the right approach for your unique crew.

Events (corporate)

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20 Min 

$150 + Tax                                                                                        

Lunch and Learn

45 Min 

$300 + Tax                                                                             

In Depth Nutrition, Sleep and Stress

90 Min 

$500 + Tax                                          




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