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Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching

Every initial consultation begins with a comprehensive in-depth root cause assessment. Before your first visit I will send you a detailed questionnaire which I will analyze, to make the most of our initial evaluation. Additionally, I will ask you to provide me with a 7-day-meal-diary. Together we will identify what prevents you from feeling at home in your body, addressing common ailments like fatigue, digestive disorders, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, gas/bloating, hormonal imbalances, PMS, the impacts of menopause, stress, memory issues, anxiety, migraines, thyroid issues, a weakened immune response, auto-immune disorders, fertility, arthritis and joint pain.


After a detailed analysis of your current situation we will discuss findings, options and timeframes. You will receive individualized recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and mindfulness practises, including delicious easy to do meal plans, and personalized supplementation recommendations. You will learn how to substitute household chemicals and personal cosmetics with healthier options, as well as to read labels on food items. In at least two follow-up consultations (available in a package), we evaluate outcomes, practicability, and improvements and make necessary adjustments. Step by step we will be working towards your goals.

As an add-on I offer to accompany you on an individual excursion to a health food store or any store of your choice (GTA only). I will show you hands-on how to make informed decisions on your produce and  groceries, as well as how to find healthier options for cosmetics and household chemicals.

Personal Consultations

Discovery Call

20 Min


Initial Comprehensive Evaluation

90 Min

$150 + tax

Follow-up Consultation

45 Min

$60 + tax

Individualized 10-day meal plans

$70 + tax

4 your health only © package

Initial comprehensive evaluation,

2 Follow-up consultations,

10 day meal plans

$250 + tax

Short Consultation  (on a specific topic)

45 Min

$70 + tax



60 Min

learn how to read labels, and choose the right foods and cosmetics

$70 + tax

with  4 your health only © package

60 Min

$50 + tax                                                                                                  

Kitchen Make-over at Your House

60 Min                                               

learn what oils, flours, condiments, to use and much more

$100 + tax

with 4 your health only © package

60 Min

$70 + tax            



Lunch and Learn

45 Min

By arrangement

In Depth Nutrition, Sleep and Stress

90 Min

By arrangement


Energy Healing

60 Min

$90 + tax

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