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Finally, summer is here!!!

Not as light-heartedly as it used to be, but there is even more to be thankful for –

Leisure days with the family, feeling the sun and the water on your skin, do a barbecue, the abundance of fruit and veggies, fresh strawberries straight from the plant…

This incredible smell of sunscreen, sweat, water and sun on your children’s skin when they come home from an adventurous day, in the woods, at the lake… hungry and dead tired…

Get-togethers with a few cherished friends on a distance in your home yard…

Waking up next to someone you love…

Growing a vegetable garden, harvesting for the first time…

Instead of an expensive holiday, getting an inflatable pool or a canoe, a kayak, a stand-up paddle to enjoy and explore our home grounds is priceless…

There is so much to do, so much to embrace – even virtually!

Don’t get caught in a self-fulfilling-prophecy spin, that this summer is a lost one.

Concentrate on the good things in life, on what we are still able to do, what we have, being aware of what others might have lost in these scary times. It’s not about anxiousness but about gratitude.

My heart is full of thankfulness, for the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, confronted with the worst every single day, the truck drivers who bravely cross the border to the US knowing that the Covid-19 numbers there are soaring, to bring us goods so desperately needed… the social workers who are selflessly taking care of those for whom these last months were unbearable…the people in the shops, the kitchens, the patios who try to

make us feel comfortable in an environment of physical distancing and disinfection rules.

For those next weeks of summer, starting tomorrow, I’d love to interest, inspire, and tempt you with some recipes which taste like a trip to the south of France, Spain or Mexico. Most are gluten and dairy free.

You can get even more creative by enjoying a Spanish themed dinner with a movie of Pedro Almodovar accompanied by some Tempranillo wine (of course only if you are over 21) and indulge in a sinful desert.

All enhanced by some recommendations for personal care like homemade insect repellent and more.

Hope you enjoy and never stop dreaming…

Should you be interested in a personal consultation, either online or in person with proper physical distancing, please feel free to contact me anytime at or at 905-580-9946.

As a summer special I will pay the taxes on all my services for you, so you will only pay the net price.

Have a great summer, see you at the lake…or on your journey to better health

Daniela Wachter

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