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How to cope with stress during Covid-19

In these scary times it is more import than ever to take a deep breath and concentrate on those things we have an influence on. Besides the threat by the virus itself there is a lot of uncertainty concerning our jobs, our families, our everyday lives. In self-isolation many of us must cope with the sudden interruption of our social life. Parents encounter additional tasks in online school education, multi-tasking working from home and taking care of their children. Everyday our frontline workers, who have my highest respect and true admiration, overcome their own fears of getting infected or probably infecting their loved ones and nonetheless are there for all of us.

All the above stressors have a huge impact on our emotional and over-all well-being!!!

Yet there are some coping strategies which can help reduce stress and keep a healthy balance.

1. Eat as clean as possible. Meaning less sugar, less alcohol, less fried or processed food, but an abundance of fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit.

2. Keep hydrated! Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

3. Try to get regular sleep - in these days when weekends and weekdays blend into each other it is even more important to keep a regular bedtime and a morning routine. Set a curfew for TV and electronics. If you want to be able to sleep avoid blue light from electronic devices about 2 hours before you got to bed.

4. Although it is nice to cuddle up on the couch and binge watch the newest Netflix series, alternate sitting and moving! Clear out your basement, try a new sport. There are many companies like down dog for Yoga, offering free app usage in April. Local coaches like Julieta Tabares from Zumba Canada offer regular Zumba classes via Zoom. There is lots to choose from, and in the sanctuary of your own home you could try and learn all kinds of things you would never have thought before.

5. Try to de-stress as much as possible. There are beautiful apps on the market like Calm, which offer bedtime music, meditation, breathing exercises and more. Go for a walk in nature, of course keeping physical distance. Define a time limit to watch news, less is better. Of course, I want you to be well-informed about what is going on in Canada and the world but if you stay hours glued on the TV you may get emotionally drained.

6. As much as possible - focus on the good things - your children, a homecooked meal, a project in the house.

7. Start a garden or create a little herb area on your deck, your windowsill

If you need any personal recommendations please feel free to contact me by e-mail , via my website or by the button above.

May be this is the time for you to incorporate some healthy changes in your life. I am still doing consultations – online via Zoom or Skype as well as free discovery calls.

Simply there for you.

Wishing you love, health and happiness, Daniela Wachter

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