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Not ready for Spring yet? Feeling tired and worn-out?

Get spring clean inside-out with this unique10-day-detoxification program guided by a registered holistic nutritionist from the comfort of your own home!

Spring is on the doorstep and with the growing amount of sunlight we all long naturally for new beginnings. Even as we still encounter severe winter weather, we know intuitively that the first shoots are waiting under the snow to peak out of the ground.

In Christian tradition spring was a time for fasting, while ancient cultures in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated the Spring Equinox with bonfires and cleansing rituals such as smudging to clear out old energies and to invite new ideas and fresh energy into the home. Our habit of Spring cleaning is a remnant of those times.

Yet sometimes we might be feeling out of energy, having difficulties to get out of bed in the morning and our skin is lacking luster. All signs, that our bodies need some tender loving care too. Over time our body accumulates toxins stemming from all the burdens and commodities of modern living. Artificial flavours, colorings, and pesticides in our food, chemicals in our personal care and household cleaners, toxins like heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and pharmaceuticals put a strain on all organs involved in the detoxification process, especially on the liver. A professional detoxification program can make all the difference.

My unique program will reset your metabolism and give your liver a break. Moreover, it will shift your focus on how to take good care of yourself even in turbulent times. We will talk about nutrition, natural personal care, and household products but also about easy ways to manage stress, to incorporate exercise and little breaks into your busy life. Delicious recipes will satisfy your taste buds and keep cravings at bay.

So, if you want not only to get rid of the dust in your home, but to refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a detoxification program, guided by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist here is your call.

Together with a group of like-minded people you will get all the information and encouragement in the comfort of your own home.

The whole program will take 14 days starting with an introductory online meeting on Friday the 24th of March at 5 pm

As preparation is key, I will provide you ahead with meal suggestions, delicious recipes and shopping tips, as well as detailed information on do’s and don’ts while being on a detox. At the introductory meeting we will discuss the process in detail, answering all questions you might have. You will have time over the weekend for shopping and preparation as the actual detox starts on the Monday after.

Follow-up meetings will take place on Tuesday 28th, Friday 31st, and Tuesday 4th April on Zoom, always at 5 pm, for about one hour. The detox ends on Wednesday the 5th right in time for your Easter Celebrations.

During the whole process I will be there for you via e-mail or phone for any question you might have.

Let me show you that detoxification is not a threat to your happiness but the beginning of a journey to your personal well-being!

The program is limited to a maximum of 7 participants and is $70 per person.

Just send me a short e-mail to

and you’ re in…

If you have any question about the programs or my other services, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 905-580-9946.

Should you be looking for something new and more intense, you might want to try my

All-new Elimination diet!

(starting April 15)

An elimination diet is typically used to detect hidden food allergies. If you ever suspected you might be lactose or gluten intolerant or you might have difficulties to digest eggs or nightshade vegetables, or experience symptoms like bloating, alternating diarrhea - this one is for you!

Food allergies are a common consequence of an impaired or overloaded digestive system. Over time conditions like leaky gut or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) may develop and can contribute to all kinds of ailments like alternating diarrhea or constipation, migraines, seasonal allergies, weight gain or fatigue.

To detect what kind of foods you react to, an elimination diet is the overall gold standard. Yet it takes patience and endurance as the diet itself takes 3 weeks and the reintroduction phase an additional 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how severe your situation might be.

Please stay tuned for more information next week!

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