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Reviving 10-day detox - Spring clean inside out…

Spring is on the doorstep and with the growing amount of sunlight we all long naturally for new beginnings. Even as we still see heavy rains and snow – the first shoots peak out of the ground, the blustering winds clean out old leaves and debris, and the light is undeniably growing every day.

In ancient times, Spring Equinox was a sacred day. People in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated the beginning of spring with bonfires and cleansing rituals such as smudging to cleanse out old energies and to invite new ideas and fresh energy into the home. Our tradition of spring-cleaning stems from those times.

Some people go even further than getting rid of the dust in their homes, they refresh and rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit with a detoxification.

If you need a starting point, come join me on my reviving 10-day Spring detox, starting on Friday, 1st of April, ending on Wednesday 13th of April, just in time for Easter.

Together with a group of like-minded people you will get all the encouragement and valuable information needed via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home.

This reviving 10-day Spring detox will reset your metabolism and give your liver a break. Moreover, it will shift your focus on how to take care of yourself even in turbulent times. We will talk about good nutrition but also about easy ways to manage stress, incorporate exercise and little breaks into your busy life.

You will learn how sugar impacts your overall health and how you can support your detoxification pathways.

I will also provide you with recommendations on how to steer away from toxins in personal care products and household cleaners. Additionally, we will discuss the newest scientific findings on cognitive health and longevity.

Ahead of it all you will receive detailed information and a delicious, easy to do meal plan for the first 3 days with brand-new recipes to discover!

We will start with an introduction on Friday, 1st of April, 7.30 p.m.,

discussing the process and answering all how-to questions you might have.

You will have plenty of time over the weekend for shopping and preparation.

The actual detox will kick-off on Monday, 4th of April and end on Wednesday, 13th of April, right in time for the long Easter Weekend!

Virtual meetings will be taking place on Zoom, each one for about one hour, starting at 7.30 p.m.

Dates for the five meetings are:

Friday, 1st of April,

Monday, 4th of April,

Thursday, 7th of April,

Monday, 11th of April,

Wednesday, 13th of April.

You will have the opportunity to engage in a regular group chat to get tips and tricks on how to overcome cravings, exchange best practices and much more!

As a certified holistic nutritionist, I can certainly provide you with a truly inspiring experience to initiate positive change inside and out.

During the whole process I will be there for you via e-mail or phone for any question you might have.

Let me show you that detoxification is not a threat to your happiness but the beginning of a journey to your personal well-being!

The program is limited to a maximum of 10 participants and is $59 per person.

Just send me a short e-mail from my contact page and you’ re in…

If you have any question about the program or my other more personalized services, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 905-580-9946

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