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Spring is just around the corner…

Yet the major snow events just happening give us a hard time to believe in an end of winter. Despite the cold temperatures ahead, the days are getting noticeably longer and the increase in light, signals all plants out there that it is time to start growing, no matter how high the snow piles. There is an old Celtic festival called Imbolc, happening today on 2nd of February celebrating the seeds underneath the frozen soil, which will feed us in the future. Imbolc is best translated with “in the womb”, a not even visible growth, comparable to the crispiest crescent of the moon, but with the assurance something great is happening.

This is a perfect time for meditation and reflection about what we want to grow, literally like planning a garden or figuratively in our inner garden, like good relationships, a new career, or healthier habits.

Yet this time of the year we often fight with our self-esteem, the frustration of another dumped New Year’s resolution or even with a beginning seasonal depression.

Sometimes it is hard to find a starting point, to initiate much needed change or to motivate ourselves. Especially, when we realize that our clothes are pinching here and there, and we must admit we gained a few pounds over the holidays. There are so many fancy diets out there. Which dietary paradigm should I follow? Should I try Keto or Paleo, Intermittent fasting or just restrict calories… Why does Keto work for so many but not for me? What kind of sports should I choose and are there some supplements which could seriously support weight loss?

Maybe you are that person who eats as healthy as possible but you still are not able to lose weight, watching the girl next door seemingly eating whatever she wants and still fitting in her super-skinny jeans…

Maybe it is time to consider an individual nutritional consultation. As a registered holistic nutritionist, I will be able to guide you to a better well-being on all fields you want to explore – nutrition, exercise, meditation, digestion, detoxification, hormonal balance, genetics, mental health, anti-aging, and stress-management.

It all starts with a detailed assessment of your lifestyle, and your individual situation, resulting in a full analysis and an intensive in person consultation packed with personal recommendations, dietary advice, meal plans, suggestions for individual supplementation, exercise type and intensity. In two recall appointments we follow up with your success and adjust if necessary.

If you wish, we could also take a deep dive into your genetic traits. I am a member of the CSNN Alumni Association which ensures the professional standards for all Registered Holistic Nutritionists.

My “4 your health only” package, which includes all the above, is 250 $ plus tax.

We all are biochemically unique, and today we know that we have more influence on our individual well-being than we ever thought. Why not get back in the driver seat of your well-being?

Please feel free to give me a call at 905-580-9946 or send me an e-mail to

I will be there for you,

Daniela Wachter R.H.N.

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