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All of a sudden fall has arrived...

All of a sudden fall has arrived…I am guessing that you have already felt that the evenings are getting chillier, realized the sun is setting noticeably earlier, and seen the leaves turning. You might yearn for a warm fire with a cup of hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

With these changes in nature we all instinctively feel that summer fun is kind of over… campgrounds are closing down, cottages are made winterproof, kids had to return to school and we all reconnect to our social and professional lives.

With the falling leaves comes the message that everything has an ending… but when we are too occupied with organizing our everyday lives, we miss out something important – the rhythm of nature. Every leave falling is not just dying, it provides fertile ground for new shootings to grow… fall inherits the promise of new beginnings… It is a time when we tend to get more aware of who we are, what we have accomplished, and whose company we truly cherish.

It is no coincidence that festivities like Thanksgiving are taking place in fall… We gratefully remember the blessings of summer, may it be a chat with a friend, even 2 meters apart, or an abundant summer spent with family in the cottage, or a long-awaited healing of a broken friendship or a new kind of intimacy with your significant other… We enjoy to the fullest what nature has provided for us in harvesting time, yet we need to be aware that this is it… from now on, we rely on ourselves…to thrive…to grow…to survive.

What saves us from the cold are the people who share our lives, who are really interested to see us grow, the ones who we inherited as family members, and the ones we chose freely as our companions in any weather. Let them know how much you care.

As I do care for your well-being, I decided to take you on a different journey this time. A series on how to improve your immune system, which is even more important in these challenging times. Over the next weeks I will provide you with information on the following the topics:

· Sleep

· Nutrition

· Exercise

· Stress Management

· Work satisfaction

· Supplementation

· Happy, healthy children

· Forever young

· Mental issues

· Living without toxins

The series is starting next weekend!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Daniela Wachter

4 your health only

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